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A History

Of Dover Hall 

Completed in the year 2000, the dream of original owners, Dennis and Cindy Pryor, was to design a lavish family home fit for royalty, reminiscent of the English countryside. Initial planning and conceptualization of the estate house began with The Pryors’ interior design firm, about four to five years prior to when they broke ground on the property, sourcing furnishing and artwork across Europe. The Pyrors’ spent approximately ten years living in the 38,000 square foot estate house with their son before selling the property. Dover Hall underwent a significant transition from their private residence

to an exclusive luxury events venue in 2014. The Pryors’ even left about 90% of the estate’s originally sourced furnishings behind, bringing a unique blend of history, authenticity, and character to the modern construction of the house. The Dover Hall Experiences’ team took over management of the estate house in 2017. Their vision was to create an unparalleled guest experience through unforgettable events and upscale lodging. Since then our team has hosted hundreds of weddings, holiday parties, and truly anything that warrants a celebration! 

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